More black and white photos I scanned myself!

Oh yeah baby! I love that these photos are all close to where I work in Leeds too - I've been working in the city for nearly a year now (what?!) but this was my first time actively going out in my lunch break taking photos. I need to rectify that situation!

(I think its meant to say "All that I know is that I know nothing" - the fact they couldn't finish it made me chuckle)

I think for my first scanned negatives I'm pretty pleased with the final results - its quite hard to know when to edit, how to edit and when to stop editing - I could very easily get carried away with Photoshop haha  - so I tried to keep the tweaks quite simple with these. I think they look pretty good!

I've been chatting with my friends about film  vs digital  and feeling overwhelmed with having another part of my photography process that could change everything - but ultimately, this is just another way for me to learn what I like with my photos and to learn to trust my instincts and gut with how I think my photos should look. In fact my first ever 'Searching for Something' post was about editing and finding that image I was looking for in my results.

I wrote this is 2011 - but it seems just as relevant to me right now.

"To me, each photo I take is like falling in love - you're constantly search for it - everywhere you go - even if you aren't aware that you are... sometimes you can't see it, sometimes you find it in one step, sometimes you have to work a bit harder, perhaps challenge your preconceptions and break some of your own rules... but just like love - no one can tell you when you've found that perfect photo, you just know it... through and through!"

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: West Yorkshire Cameras B&W Film
Location: Leeds
Scanner:  Epson V370 scanner