A new camera

I wrote a post in April about fancying a new camera and its only now that I've actually impulsively bought one. A Zenit E. To be fair this was probably too impulsive - I spent more than I should - I'm not entirely sure the selenium meter works and without the selenium meter, this camera is pretty much my Zenit B. One saving grace is that the people I bought it from were so excited that I was actually going to use the camera... so I'm glad I made their day haha.

I was pretty bummed that I had bought a camera without a working light meter until I got the photos back and then I started to feel a bit better. It is like my Zenit B as I mentioned, but its like my Zenit B without the weird sticky shutter situation I randomly have and I didn't have any problems with exposure with my test roll - admittedly its just one roll so far but I think I'm going to be using this camera a fair bit if it proves to be reliable with more rolls of film.

I haven't picked up my Zenit B in a while as the shutter has been worrying me and I have had a lot of problems with the exposure whilst using it over the past two years (though I'm now starting to wonder if that was the camera more than user error...) so I'm hoping that this camera can replace my Zenit B but we'll see how it goes.

The real redeeming feature of both my Zenit B and E cameras is the Helios 44 lens - look at the depth of field in this photo above! Oh gosh, its beautiful! It's the reason I loved my Zenit B so much and I'm super glad that I get another shot at using the lens with my Zenit E now. Let's hope this camera is going to prove reliable!

Camera: Zenit E (not B)
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Our garden haha