*New photos - woohoo!*

I don't want to over excite people - but I've taken film photos this year AND finally had them developed. Oh yeah!  I am over excited of course and not sure where to start with posting them as I want to share them all, right now! So I'll revert back to the old plan of chronological order.

So.... first up is a visit to Beningbrough Hall we made in March with Thomas's parents. I really loved looking around the hall as not only was it gorgeous architecutre but they had paintings from the National Gallery hanging around too - so cultured! You can see an Instagram photo I took of the Royal portrait they had hanging here - such a lovely light location for such a big painting.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them, I can't wait to share more!

Camera: Canon EOS 750
FIlm: Lomo CN 400
location: Beningbrough Hall

p.s. I usually host my photos on Flickr but these are uploaded via Squarespace as Flickr have altered the HTML coding format and once again tested my patience as a loyal paying customer. If you used to like clicking through to see my photos, I will still be uploading my photos onto Flickr for the time being, but you'll have to use the Flickr link in my sidebar rather than clicking the images.  If anyone knows how to change the HTML and turn off all the 'extras' Flickr have kindly added please let me know.