My first film photos of 2015...

Yup, its taken me until March to take some photos this year (and generally get excited about taking photos - urgh Winter!) January and February are pretty much a write off in England in terms of sunshine. But now its getting closer to Spring and the signs are showing, flowers, sunshine, a tiny bit of warmth! Imagine that, warm feet! 

Photo21_3A Photo20_4A Photo13_11A Photo22_2A Photo19_5A Photo12_12A

I'm a little bit obsessed with the bristly things in that last photo - I have no idea what they are called (anyone?) - but I can't not take a photo when I see them! You probably saw this photo in my last post too - there are 4 months (in real life, not blog post life haha) between the two photos but yup - obsessed. 

Hurray Spring!! 

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak 200
Location: Leeds