Forgotten Cromer Photos...

So at some point last year after visiting London and before Christmas, we went to Cromer in Norfolk... and even more I took photos AND it was sunny?! (Remember sunshine? Me either...)

Then I completely forgot about these photos. In fact, I couldn't even remember when I'd started using this roll of film - I thought perhaps it had more Temple Newsam photos on there. So imagine my delight when I saw photos of the beach and photos of Harry, woohoo!

Photo02_XA Photo04_0A Photo05_1A Photo15_11A Photo09_5A
Photo06_2A Photo13_9A Photo10_6A Photo08_4A Photo19_15A

What a treat for the eyes! I've never completely forgotten what photos were on a roll of film before to the point of where I have no memory of even taking a camera with me, so its almost like I'm taking part in my own photo swap and seeing these photos without the distortion of memory or even the criticism I would usually direct at my own photos. It's so refreshing!

Maybe I should take a roll of photos every year and leave it a while to be developed to see if it is as fun as this time! It probably would't be if it was planned I suppose. I think perhaps a Spring/Summer 2015 photoswap is in order though definitely...  (though was my last one really 2012?! I better sort that out!)

Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Cromer, Norfolk