My word of 2015 Final Review

Yup, its that time of year again - nearly time for a new year and a new word, can you believe it? I've been working through my Unravelling workbook from Susannah Conway and as I got to the 2016 section I came to a complete stop because I honestly hadn't even thought about a word for 2016 yet and I was flummoxed. 2015 has been so incredibly busy, next year hadn't even entered my mind yet.

My word for 2015 - GIVE

My word for 2015 - GIVE

For 2015 I chose the word give. And although my intentions were truly good and I was in a very good place when I wrote my post about it in July - the wedding totally derailed me. Which seems like a bizarre thing to say - but holy wow, weddings are tough! Especially if you're already anxiety/depression/meltdown prone like me ha. Add in the fact that from May, we had a large event each month through to September - a welcoming party for my favourite one year old, two hen parties and two weddings (including ours). Each month I gave and I gave and each event was beautiful, magical, so fun and memorable... and our wedding well, it was perfect. I keep trying to think of other words - but it really was perfect, everything about it.

But even though our day was truly amazing, I've been exhausted ever since - totally beat. Creating something perfect is hard - and we really did create it - we made as much as we could, we put together as much as we could, it was all I thought about for months and all I worked on too in my spare time. I gave it my all, and ultimately, I forgot to leave a little bit to get me through the rest of the year. Oops.

So for 2016 - I've decided that I don't need to beat 2015 - because it really has been the amazing year I wanted and hoped for. Instead I need a word that isn't quite so um, generous and well, giving, ha. I need something real, something that feels right yet isn't going to exhaust me or take from me in any way like 'give' unexpectedly did. Though I guess when I assign myself a word like GIVE for the year, I only have myself to blame haha.

I'm starting Susannah's Find Your Word emails this week and I'm hoping the right word comes to me before December is over and hopefully I'll have a word of 2016 post to share soon :)

Did anyone else pick a word for 2015? How has your word influenced your year? Have you chosen your 2016 word already?