~ 2016 Freebie Calendar ~

Following on from my last post about 2016 Calendars from Snapfish - today seemed like the perfect time to share my yearly freebie For the easily distracted... calendar download- hurray! Although a quick look at my blog archives is saying I didn't actually make one last year - I apologise for that - this year I am on the ball haha.

Like previous years, I've chosen my favourite photos from the last 12 months - and I actually had a lot more photos than I thought to chose from - it felt like it had been a slow photography year (its definitely been a slow blogging photos year) but I've actually taken quite a lot more photos than I realised, hurray.

As well as photos, I've also added some of my favourite photography quotes and I will admit, its those that make this so exciting to me. Sometimes I don't have the words to say how I feel about taking photos (just sometimes...) and the ones I've included really do sum up a lot of my own opinions better than I ever could.

I really love the final result so I hope that you do too - click on the following button to download your own copy.