2016 Calendars with Snapfish

As Christmas is drawing so much nearer, I've started to think about perfect Christmas gifts for people and I will say one thing about having a wedding - it makes giving gifts for Christmas super easy as everyone wants to see photos and re experience our amazing day. 

I'd already put together some photo books for ourselves and our parents through Truprint - so when I saw this opportunity with Snapfish to create calendars I was more than happy to be involved as I was so thrilled with the quality of our books and I knew that the products from Snapfish came from the same supplier as Truprint.  In total I made three calendars - two with wedding photos and a desktop calendar of my own photos for myself (treat yo self) and I'm so pleased to say that they all met my very high expectations.

First up I made a calendar for Thomas (don't worry he's seen it and loves it, I'm not ruining his Christmas haha) and I was so thrilled to see a chalkboard background within the calendar pre-sets as one of our themes was chalkboard stationary. I was just as excited to see a wide range of fonts to match the layouts as well. I spent a lot of time working on our invitations, order of service, presentation boards and other stationary things weddings need - so to have something that echoed that look was really important.

I really enjoyed the Snapfish website for putting together the calendar pages - the images were easy to load and to drag into layouts that you could either create or use pre-sets for. The text options also allowed for me to add one of our readings from the church across the pages too (The Awesome Book of Love by Dallas Clayton - it makes me cry every time and it was read so beautifully by our friend Kay on the day, happy happy). In fact I don't think I could have created a better or more perfect calendar to represent our day and I know Thomas agrees too.

I won't share any more photos of the smaller wedding calender - as that is a surprise gift for someone (hehe) but I will say that the interface was just as easy to use and put together with the different size calendar. The options were a bit more limited creatively due to the space requirements for the photos however I didn't think that was a negative thing as the result was again just what I wanted.

Last up is a treat for myself - a collection of my favourite 12 film photos from the year as well as some inspirational photography quotes. Again I had an idea of what I wanted and it was very easy to create with the Snapfish interface and options provided.  The printing quality of the photos is also really great, I rarely print my photos any more so to see them off the screen was a real treat.

I can't wait to have this on my desk properly next year (it is currently sat safely and patiently in my desk drawer ha).

If you're looking to create some 2016 Calendars yourself Snapfish provide a really great range of options and having tried out a selection of their calendars, I can definitely say that they are a company I would recommend using.   Will you be making any photography related presents this year? 

~ I've been dabbling with the idea of working with companies on my blog lately and every so often an opportunity pops up that I find really exciting... and this is one of them. The products were sent to me to review - but all thoughts are my own. ~