I'm back!! I totally didn't mean to leave my blog empty last week - I had the best intentions to write posts but life/days off kind of got in the way - well, crochet and relaxing got in the way, lets be honest. I'm kind of glad they did though, because now I'm more excited than ever to be back, especially as I have lots of photos to share, hurray!

First, a huge thank you to Dianne, Katie and Clare for their guest posts, I really do think I'm so lucky to have amazing friends both online and offline :)

Second - to carry on from the things I want to remember from Paris and Spilt, here are the things I want to remember about Porto, yeay!

  1. The tiles!! Oh my gosh, the tiles in Porto are amazing - why don't we have tiles like that on buildings in England?! And the colourfully painted buildings too. England needs some colour!
  2. The mini golf - Thomas and I played two games on mini golf on the courses of the 2012 European Minigolf Championship and it was amazing, it was just us, having lots of fun :) You can even see a video of the courses here - though Thomas and I don't have the same mad skills haha.
  3. The Port. Of course you have to try Port when you're in Porto don't you. We did a tour which was great and discovered white port - and it is delicious - which is weird coming from a red wine drinker.
  4. The custard pastries... oh my, the custard pastries. I love custard, I love pastry. Its a double win.
  5. I always list food in these lists - but food makes a holiday for me - and we tried an amazing sausage of pork, chicken and soaked bread and that was probably my favourite food of the whole trip - but I can't remember what it was called.
  6. Talking of food - the Francesinha... it had to be seen to be believed. And eaten :) haha.
  7. Walking along the river. I love the water and the river was delightful with the sun twinkling of it. Just beautiful.
  8. And of course, the bridges. We walked over the top of the Dom Luis Bridge on our first day and the views were gorgeous across the city.
  9. NOS Primavera Sound. Our holidays are usually based on festivals - we went to one in Krakow and Paris - but I think this one may be my favourite yet. It was in a huge park, you could see the see in the distance and the bands were great (highlights were Haim,  !!!, Charles Bradley, St Vincent, Shellac and John Grant - who we also saw in the airport on the way home, I geeked out a little, I love John Grant!)
  10. The old trams along the river. I love old trams. I took a lot of photos of them.
  11. The churches - Everywhere we've been has had lovely churches - but I've never seen a whole church with carved, painted gold wooden features before, or churches with tiles everywhere.
  12. Having a fuji instax photo taken in one of the restaurants. Our photo is still in Porto on their wall - shame I can't remember which restaurant it was though.
  13. Our little apartment. We had a seating area outside and it was perfect for enjoying a nice cold beer and some pastries.
  14. The little old ladies looking our of their windows. When I grow up, I want to watch the people go by out of my window as well. They waved at tourists too which I thought was great.
  15. Sitting eating cheese and drinking wine on the river front over looking the water and the bridge. Perfect.

So there you go. I loved Porto!