Glorious sunshine...

The weather in the UK over the weekend was glorious, absolutely stunning. And although these photos were taken a little while ago, they still show how lovely Yorkshire really is when the sun is shining.

Don't worry though, I have two films of photos that I've finished in the last week(!!!) so I should be sharing more up to date photos soon.  I even took my little Diana Mini out for the first time in ages, yeay!

Photo30_19A Photo32_24A
Photo27_22A Photo23_27A Photo33_25A

I've been trying lately to not wait for people to leave the frame when I take photos and I'm really pleased with the few here that have people in the photos. The couple walking in the second photo adds a bit more depth to that photo I think - what do you think? Do you wait for people to walk out of the frame too?


p.s. I'm now rather obsessed with trees after last weeks post, there is probably a lot of tree photos in my two rolls of film, oops.

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Fuji Superia 200
Location: Saltaire, Yorkshire