Day 65: Salts Mill

I have definitely shared photos from Salts Mill before but I'm happy to be sharing more again as it really is such a wonderful place to visit, especially if you love art, books and cake... luckily there are three of my favourite things haha.

The real highlight for me at Salts Mill though is all the artwork by David Hockney - especially the latest exhibition The Arrival of Spring. Amazingly all of the paintings are done on an Ipad and that for me is so wonderful - art, and photography of course, is an expression through a medium and I adore that David Hockney is open minded enough and adventurous enough to try it all and somehow master them all too. I also love that even with different mediums he manages to stay true to himself. He influences his medium rather than the medium influencing him - isn't there something beautifully inspirational about that?

It's been years since I did my A level in Art but lately I started painting again and all of a sudden I want to see more art, photos, painting, sculpture... everything. I want to soak it all in - and looking at these images was no different, every stroke, every colour was a treat for the eyes and I devoured them up. 

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak Hawkeye Super Color
Location: Salts Mill, England