It's Polaroid Week, it's Polaroid Week!

Hurray, its that time of year again - polaroid week - and I am excited!!  

These are the first four photos that I've submitted to the Flickr group. I actually took these last weekend, as I thought polaroid week was last week (oops) and as I knew I wouldn't have any time to take them during the week. I'd been saving this pack of film for something special, but that something special never seemed to come along, so instead I set myself a task to take all the photos in my back garden.

It's 'Roid Week!! Silver Shade 1-1
Hi 'Roid Week :) Silver Shade 1-2
Silver Shade 1-3
Silver Shade 1-4

Although the first photo didn't work out very well, I was very relieved that the rest of the pack worked, even with the streak down the middle of them all.  I really like the tones of this film and taking these made me excited to try the newer films that the Impossible Project have been producing.

Location: Leeds
Camera: Polaroid 600 (I've forgotten which one)
Film: Impossible Project PX600