Five Fave blogs...

I really love reading blogs, at one point my blogroll had nearly had 200 blogs on it (which btw, isn't maintainable) so although I've narrowed it down some, I've still found it really hard to pick just 5 blogs to share. Still I managed it, and I can't wait to see every one else's choices. taza

1. Love Taza

I know everyone loves Naomi's blog, and its for a good reason, its a great read, her kids are adorable and its so positive, its almost sickening... but the main reason I love this blog is that for the past 4 years it has inspired me to be a better, more positive blogger, to focus on the good, forget the bad and enjoy the little things and happy lists (write one, right now, best thing ever). Also, I was reintroduced to film photos with Naomi's holga and diana photos (she doesn't seem to take as many now which is a shame) and I can't imagine my life now without photos, so I will forever be grateful for that introduction.


2. Susannah Conway This is another blogger that has made a huge impact on my life in terms of blogging and photography. I often talk about Susannah here - I've done her photography course, I own her book and I really like her. Susannah is easily one of the most inspiring people I know and her dedication to her work and her amazing results just makes me want to push myself harder. Also, her polaroids just blow me away...


3. Chocolate and Cream Cake I'm secretly a huge nerd. It's true... my favourite things include sci fi and fantasy anything - books, TV, movies, xbox games and if you love all these things too, then Mandy's blog is for you. Mandy also happens to be one of the coolest bloggers I've met so far. (Also I wrote a Fictional Fancy guest post recently too)


4. Indie Berries I admit it, I have a huge girl crush on Che from Indie Berries - as well as being crazy pretty, she's also incredibly funny and so talented with her witty cartoons and funny stories. As an added bonus Che also loves film photography... its a triple win! If you want a laugh and your day cheering up, then I definitely recommend this blog.


5. Paris in Four Months This is a recent discovery for me, but it is a feast for the eyes! I'm pretty sure I left a part of my heart in Paris when we were there a couple of years ago, so this blog just makes me so happy.

p.s. If you want more to read, check out all the blogs in my sidebar blogroll, I love them all!