Day in the Life...

So I'm still not really sure how to do this post... I've seen a few people on Twitter write about how their day is pretty dull, and honestly, mine are pretty dull too. However, one thing I do love about every day life is routine - I am a creature of habit and doing the same things every day definitely makes things more comfortable for me.

So here are some things that I do every week day that I love doing:

- Get up early and do a 15 minute yoga routine. (After a 5 minute snooze... I loooove the 5 min snooze.)

- Walking to work - this is my 10 minutes to myself - usually I listen to some music, and sometimes I snap some photos as well. I see the same people (and one gorgeous dog) everyday and I always wonder where they are if I don't see them.

- Emailing my friends and family - my besties email me at work pretty much everyday and usually my parents too, I love it.

- Writing my blog posts, uploading photos to Flickr, checking out Twitter, Society6 and Instagram. Perhaps I have an internet problem?

- Eating - haha I love food and although my lunch is usually the same thing (a veggie chilli wrap with hummus and veg snacks) making dinner in the evening with Thomas is one of my favourite parts of the day... we put some music on, talk about each others day and enjoy some time together.

- Take photos. I've been doing a 365 project, so I take at least one photo a day and I'm really glad about that.

- Enjoying our evenings - we usually either watch a film, catch up with TV (currently loving Nashville, Justified, The Good Wife and Game of Thrones!) or I'll do some crochet... relaxing evenings after a day at work are the best.

- Talking to my parents on the phone. I miss them.

However, there are some things I really don't enjoy about my day too:

- Brushing my teeth - I do it, of course, but I don't like it.

- Catching the bus... buses are the bane of my life. I could write more, but it would just be a rant, so I'll leave it at that.

- Scanning/printing/folding drawings at work - most of the time I enjoy my work, I like the CAD and design elements - but these three things I do not enjoy.


So there we go, a day in my life... Luckily the good definitely outweighs the bad.