I'm on Society 6


I've seen a lot of peoples work on Society 6 recently and really loved it (Cassia Beck is my favourite*, its a good thing I don't have an iphone, or I would be buying them all as cases... I will be buying this tote eventually though!) and last week I decided to set up my own.

Society 6 is essentially a shop platform that allows you to upload your artwork (photos, illustrations, collages etc) for free to create various products such as prints, iphone covers, tote bags and even pillows. For every item that is sold, you then get a small percentage of the profits. Essentially for me, Society 6 removes all the hard work of sourcing places to produce these items, ordering them, packaging them and posting them out (everything that took too much time for me with my Etsy shop) all you have to do is upload the image, which is so simple, and your item is there.


If I'm honest, I created mine mainly because I wanted to see my photos as Iphone cases - that's probably a little sad/odd/hilarious/indulgent but I just loved the idea of them being something that someone uses everyday, as well as the idea of prints being on someones wall.

You can find my items here!

I've found it quite hard to pick photos, so if theres one you really wanted and its not there, let me know :)

*I've been a huge fan of Cassia's work since I started my blog and she's been incredibly supportive with giveaways and such here too, so if you love her Society 6 definitely check out her Etsy shops as well: Cassia Beck, Lola's Room and Violet May.