365/2013 41-52

365 41-52

41. My first bunch of daffodils this year 42. My current crochet project, I love it 43. Dan Deacon gig at the brudenell! It was amazing 44. Pretty slabs that match my Wellibobs 45. My friends know me well on Valentines :) 46. It's been light and pretty walking home from work lately. 47. A new camera find - a Zenit B - I'm totally adoring it, I just hope the film I took develops ok now. 48. It was sunny! So I took my new camera find around the Abbey. 49. I loved how the clouds looked, almost like a painting. 50. Kirkstall Abbey from the bus. 51. A finished blanket for little Harry (the dog) 52. I missed a day off sick :( pretty gutted but I didn't even think about it on the day, I was pretty ill.

Happy weekend! My little sis is coming to visit and I'm pretty excited about it.

~ You can see more of my 365 photos here and I'm sharing them on Instagram too ~