My photoswap photos from our holiday

I've been really unorganised with the photoswap this year and a lot of people taking part have also been really busy, so its been coming along slowly... I don't really mind to much, as its not an urgent project and its the sharing of photos process that I enjoy the best rather than the speed of it.

I used my holga camera, as I haven't used it for a while and I sent my film to Dianna to get developed and I'm really thrilled with the results, I love how soft they look.

B015772-R1-25-12A_8399135522_l B015772-R1-33-4A_8398047379_l B015772-R1-18-19A_8399136352_l B015772-R1-35-2A_8399133168_l B015772-R1-30-7A_8398047931_l B015772-R1-28-9A_8399135082_l B015772-R1-26-11A_8399135408_l B015772-R1-34-3A_8398047239_l

I'm also really thrilled that the photo of the goats head around its shed worked out, it was only there for a minute and I thought I'd missed it.

These photos are also making me excited about our holidays this year, hurray!

Camera: Holga 135bc Film: Lomography CN400 Location: Whitby, Yorkshire