A new photographic aim for the year...

I wrote an article for Lomography about my 2013 Analogue Resolutions and one of the resolutions was to start to take portraits of people... so I started looking through my photos to see if I had taken any portraits of people before and to my surprise I had a few that I really loved...(granted not that many out of 4,000 photos, but a few is a start)


My Dad on the North Yorkshire Moor Railway, I'm not sure he's seen this and he'll probably hate it, but I really really love it (so there Dad)


This is one of my best friends, we were on a boat on the Norfolk Broads at the time, I looked up and she looked so pretty and happy, I didn't even think, I just took a photo.


My Thomas. He hates having his photo taken and you can see annoyance and amusement in this photo, which is his usual face when he's dealing me coming to think of it :) I'm quite taken with him.


My Mum walking Harry. If you know my Mum then you know that she doesn't really just walk, she strides with purpose, even when she doesn't need too, so here is my Mum striding...


...and my sister doing exactly the same thing :) They're both very determined women!

I'd also completely forgotten that I'd featured some photos of people that I'd met at Lomo Meet-ups on Lomography too. And looking through all these photos, I wasn't as scared of taking portraits as I was when I originally made my resolution list, now I'm excited to get going!

{Various cameras and films}