365 / 2013 1-10

This year I decided to start a 365 project. I've been thinking about it for a while and it took me ages to decide on how to do it. In the end I decided just to use my phone. I wanted to do a film one, but during the week my days are pretty dull and most of my photos are taken in the evening where I wouldn't really be able to use my film cameras without a flash and I'm not a huge flash fan with film.

Also, I'm trying not to take this project too seriously, most of my favourite blogs and instagram accounts, are by people who are really good at capturing those everyday moments and I want to get better at that, rather than focusing on the quality of the photos, its the content I want, even if the highlight of my work day is a chocolate bar lol. So here are the first 10 days, I'm pretty impressed that I've managed it so far and I'm even in half of them in some way too.

365/2012 - Jan 1-10

1. A winter walk on New Years Day before a pub lunch. 2. A GIANT Reese's Peanut Butter cup from my Uncle's visit to NYC, I didn't even know they made him so big! We cut it into 8 in the end. 3. Messing around with reflections whilst we took down the christmas decorations. 4. A glass of my favourite wine, in my PJ's. Yup. 5. New boots to go with my new skinny red cords. Now I just need to be brave enough to wear them outside haha. 6. My parents got me Tunisian crochet hooks for Christmas, which I love, so I've been practising my simple and knit stitches. 7. I've been feeling ill for a while now (turns out I have an ear AND throat infection, nice) so new favourite TV shows in bed are the way forward. (Anyone else like Once Upon a Time? I watched the whole 1st series in a week!) 8. New Kit Kat chunky's!! We tried all of the last ones that they released, so we're trying all of these too. So far the mint is my favourite, yum! The coconut wasn't as nice as I wanted though. 9. A pretty view out of my work window for once. 10. Thomas got a snuggy for Christmas as part of a secret santa and this is the first time I wore it, with a hoody too. It's cold.

Is anyone else doing a 365 project? I'd love to see how you're finding it. I'm hoping I manage to do the entire year.

Have a great weekend!