Guest post: Red by Esther

Hi all, I'm away on my holidays to Whitby this week, but don't worry, I have some amazing film loving people to take care of my little blog whilst I'm away, I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do. First up is Esther!


Hello! My name is Esther and I blog at Inside My Shell.

I loved when Rhianne compiled all her favourite yellow photos . Me, I have a thing for red. I thought it would be fun to go through my recent history of film photography and see where some red pops up. All of these photos were taken around Berlin, at places I pass by every week.

When I got my first digital camera, I said goodbye to film for good. Or so I thought. While I loved my digital camera (and still do), after a while something called me back to film photography. There is just something charming and basic that digital can't deliver. After a period of drooling over all the gorgeous polaroids on the web, I purchased a SX-70 on ebay - and I was hooked.

My first snap was this:

polaroid #1

Followed soon after by this ...


.. and this ....


... and this:

Happy Birthday, Tina!

Polaroid is still dear to my heart but film is a tad expensive, so my next step was a Diana Mini:

01-1A 01-6A 01-7A 01-9A

Last year, friends gave me a Holga 120N for my birthday. One of the best gifts ever and so far my favorite film camera. No surprise to see some red here, too:

2012-05-22 2012-08-12d 2012-08-12c

The next camera in my growing collection was a Twin Lens I built from a kit:


And last but not least an Agfa Optima that was handed down to me from my dad. The first two images were taken at the Berlin Half Marathon this spring:

ScanImage11 ScanImage13 ScanImage31

I have a feeling that this won't be the last film camera that makes its way into my hands. Right now I have my eyes set on a proper medium format camera.