Guest Post: Caroline from Wandering Starrs

Wow, what an absolute pleasure to be on the pages of For the easily distracted...!

My name is Caroline from Wandering Starrs and although I use a digital camera more often than analogue, nothing excites me more than finishing a film and getting it developed.  I suppose the reason I don't take photos with film often is because I am so impatient and get my photos developed at one hour photo shops which is a pretty pricey option!  I've dug out some of my favourite photos I hope you enjoy them.

After digital became the norm I got back onto the analogue journey buying a Fisheye camera from Urban Outfitters and then straight away a Diana.
The Diana was an expensive option using medium format film so it didn't take long for me to buy a Diana Mini once that came out though to be honest I hardly use it as I'm totally rubbish at taking pictures with it. Probably 3 photos come out good in an entire film and even then they are aren't great, I just like some of the imperfections.
My love of film extended to a purchase of an SLR and more often I use that camera.
I don't have a favourite film, I love trying out all kinds but I'm much more comfortable with black and white.  I love looking at other people's black and white photos, it's all about the emotion in the pictures and although I enjoy taking pictures out in the countryside as walking in the great outdoors is a favourite pastime of mine, I would love to focus more on taking pictures of people and not ones where posing is concerned!!