12 for 2012 – Camera 7

As part of my 'take more photos' goal for this year - I decided that I wanted to use more of the cameras that I haven't actually used before in my collection. I am a little behind on these but I'm catching up and as long as I get 12 cameras done by the end of the year I'll be happy.

I found this little plastic camera in a charity shop in Norfolk for 99p, I haven't been able to find much out about it but it is kind of cute.


The photos are a little hit and miss from this camera I think, some are in focus and others aren't at all, even though it has a fixed lens.

 I don't think I'll be using this camera again in a hurry, which is a shame as I do like finding quirky plastic cameras but I do have many others that I prefer the results from. Still I guess they aren't too bad for 99p.

Camera: PCI-1000
Film: Kodak 200
Location: Leeds