12 for 2012 – Camera 5

As part of my 'take more photos' goal for this year - I decided that I wanted to use more of the cameras that I haven't actually used before in my collection. I am a little behind on these but I'm catching up and as long as I get 12 cameras done by the end of the year I'll be happy.


I'm really very excited to be sharing this camera with you, it is the Double Dip by James Butler , a custom toy camera with an added multiple exposure switch - you can read more about the Double Dip here. I'd seen some results around the internet before I took any photos and I was fairly excited about taking this little silver baby out and I was not disappointed!

How fun is this camera? I love double exposures, I usually try to take my holga or diana with me when I go somewhere new but I've never had a camera dedicated to just multiple exposures alone, I think this camera will be going with me to new places now too.

I decided to post this today as 5 more Double Dip cameras are going on sale tomorrow at 9.30am GMT and if you love these results as much as I do, I don't think you'll want to miss out!

You can also follow James on Twitter for more immediate information tomorrow morning.

Camera: James Butler's Double Dip
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Leeds.