Phone photos from the weekend...

After planning this weekend away to Felixstowe with Thomas's parents for a while now, I was excited abut the beach and finally taking some photos... but weather wise, the weekend was mostly a wash out and even though I took 3 cameras with me (perhaps too optimistically?) I didn't even use one. 
I'll admit I had a little tantrum/cry about that - not taking photos is beginning to send me a bit... 
in the words of lovely Angie... bat-$h1t crazy.

However to our surprise and delight, the sun finally showed itself on Sunday and although I had no cameras with me, I did have my phone and it was just as fun to take photos with that and then put them all through instagram (I am slightly addicted...).
So I finally got some photos in the end, hurray.

p.s. Can you see little Ada there? We had a lot of fun together, I'm looking forward to taking more photos of her when the sun comes out (hopefully soon)