My favourite Diana Mini photos Part 2...

Continuing on from Part 1, here are my favourite photos from rolls 9-15 with my Diana Mini.
Roll 9: Another tough decision but that lone sheeps with the blossom kills me everytime.
(I love sheep!)

Roll 10: The vignetting says it all really...
(also this one but I've already posted it so many times)

Roll 11: When I took this Thomas's Dad said 'Oh that will be a good one.' and it was :)

Roll 12: Sometimes I wonder how this would have looked if it wasn't accidently on the bulb setting. But most of the time, I just adore it because it was...

Roll 13: An unxpected favourite from this roll but the colours make my heart sing.

Roll 14: Sunny, sunny Paris!

Roll 15: More sunny, sunny Paris :)

Hurray for my Diana Mini!