My favourite Diana Mini photos Part 1...

After the fun of looking through my Holga 135bc photos yesterday, I decided that it would be fun to go through the films that I've taken with my Diana Mini and pick my favourites of those too.


Roll 1 - I thought this roll was awful when I first saw it but with hindsight, the blur of the accidental bulb mode probably captured the weather and feeling of Cromer on the day we visited better than a clearer photo would have done...


Roll 2 - Edinburgh - I love the colours in this one.


Roll 3 - Edinburgh again. This photo has been one of my favourites since I took it.


Roll 4 - On the beach with Thomas - my favourite thing.


Roll 5 - Berwick Upon Tweed.


Roll 6 - Rescale - Another photo of Thomas


Roll 7 - More redscale and creepy Kirkstall Abbey.


Roll 8 - My first black and white film and a game changer with this camera.

It was a tough choice with this roll.

Can you tell I have no new photos to share? Haha, still looking through my photos is one of my favourite hobbies - with over 2000 photos in my Flickr now, I kind of forget all the ones I've taken, so it's nice to have little reminders like the photo above.

p.s. Anyone else loving the threaded comments too?