Already too excited...

After the excitement of Paris and Krakow over the last two years and even more excitement coming up this year with my lickle sisters wedding (eep) Thomas and I decided that rather than a city break abroad, this year we really wanted a relaxing week by the beach. So later this year we are going to Whitby for a week and staying in a little cottage with beams. I already can't wait to go and I have months to wait!

We've only been to Whitby the once and that was back in 2009 where I took photos for my first ever photoswap with my little holga (and also some digital photos for my dear friend Nicole too). I don't think I've ever shared them all here though, so I thought now was the perfect time!

Some of you may recognise a couple of the photos from my shop (you know, back in the day, haha) I was really pleased with how these turned out and I can't wait to go back with more than one camera to take photos. Hurray! It's nice having things to look forward too.

Have a great weekend!

Location: Whitby, England
Camera: Holga 135bc
Film: Kodak ISO 200