My favourite holga photos... Part 2!

In 2010 as part of my Holga Week I posted my favourite photos from my little holga's first 14 rolls of film... and I only just remembered that I was going to keep continuing with this! 

So here are my favourite holga photos from rolls 15 - 21.


 Roll 15 - Breakfast in Krakow :)


Roll 16 - Winter Moon - one of my all time favourite photos that I've taken.


 Roll 17 - This was one of those photos I just knew was going to look exactly as I wanted it too.


Roll 18 - The pop of red just makes this photo!


Roll 19 - This was a tough decision, but I took this spontaneously in the car and really it shouldn't have turned out this well... so I love it just because it did. (And I love photos of horses... I need to take more.)


Roll 20 - J'adore Paris!


Roll 21 - I just love the colours...

Like in my last post, it was harder to choose just the one photo from a roll than I thought... but gosh I still really love this camera! ALSOI finally figured out how to edit my template to incorporate the threaded comments (using this guide) and I AM EXCITED!!! 

I can't wait to reply to you all properly (finally!) through them, so please check back if you leave a comment, I will be replying to them!