We love the beach video #1

Oh gosh, I am completely smitten with my Lomokino, I can't wait to take it home for Christmas! 
It's so fun to use and put together. I need more home movies!!
We were in Minehead a couple of weekends ago and even though it was raining, we (or mainly I haha) wanted to make a fun video on the beach... and here it is!
I was a little upset that the images didn't scan as evenly as the last couple of videos (I don't have a scanner to rescan it with, sigh) but when I mentioned it on twitter Dominique reminded me that 'messed up film reminds you that it's analogue'. So I stopped worrying... you can still see whats happening and perhaps when I eventually get a scanner I'll get around to rescanning it... maybe.
Though now I've watched it a few dozen times, I kind of like it the way it is :)