A Lomography Meet Up Video (plus nerd alert)

So... I'm pretty sure to serious video makers that sliding titles and swishing video animations are considered to be a bit like Word Art in Word and the animations on Powerpoint... but I just don't care. I've never played with Windows Live Movie Maker before and sometimes you just have to have a bit of fun right?
So here's the video I shot for the Leeds Lomography Xmas Meet Up, complete with Star Wars soundtrack hahaha. So fun!
(you can always mute it if you want, I won't be offended)

Have a great weekend!!
This time next week I'll be getting ready to go home for Christmas, hurray!!
p.s. you can see another video from the meet up by Darren here... 
it has his own music on it, which means....
he's much cooler than me.