Forgotten Film...

Way back in April 2010 we went on a long weekend away with our parents (both sets, they get on, its awesome) and on the way back, we stopped at Castle Howard which I blogged about at the time. However I completely forgot that as well as taking my fuji instax mini, we also took my Dad's Olympus OM-10 and we never finished the roll... and then, we completely forgot that it was still in the camera. For well over a year... disaster.

However, I accidently finished it over the weekend (playing with the camera, like you do) and here are the photos from that lovely day at Castle Howard... though neither Thomas or I can actually remember who took the photos.


{I remember taking the photo on the right, how beautiful is the light! Shame I still haven't figured out the shutter speeds lol}

Aren't the daffodils just amazing? I forgot how many that there were.

I always find the OM-10 quite intimidating compared to my little plastic cameras as there are so many settings but I always love the results from it. Perhaps we should use it more.