I'm back!

Paddling at Bourton on the Water

Over the past week we have

~been to two castles ~
~paddled in streams ~
~ seen lots of lambs, calves and ducklings ~
~eaten in 8 different restaurants ~
(Wimpy is included Dad, haha!)
~ and had some amazing desserts ~
~ and two delicious ice creams ~
~ sat in a hot tub at 7am ~
~ visited some childhood haunts ~
~ seen some stones dated back to 3000 bc ~
~ got lots of hugs from family and friends ~
~ traveled for about 10 hours through various means ~
~taken a lot of photos with at least 4 cameras ~
~ visted Shakespeares Grave ~
~enjoyed the Cotswolds ~
~listened to the royal wedding on the radio ~
(we're bad Brits, oh well)
~ had so much fun ~

I can't wait to blog all about it!!

Warwick Castle