Looking up at York with a Diana Mini

As part of Adele's weekend in Yorkshire, Thomas and I took her to York for the day. The weather was absolutely stunning so we both took our Diana Mini's - it was so much fun to take photos with another lomographer and to see how differently we looked at things.


I really do like to look up when I visit places...
(to the point of where I just relabelled some of my posts upon realisation, haha)


I remember during one of my first lectures at university, one of the lecturers (guesses on who it was G and C) talked about how everyone walks around looking down and they miss so much of the world above them. I guess I really hate the idea of missing out on anything and I've been fascinated with the idea of looking up everywhere I've been ever since...


I've only been to York two times before this and neither of those times I had a film camera, so I loved every minute we were there!
p.s. Adele is actually the cutest thing ever! Here's proof...