We love our Diana Mini's!

I'm so excited to be sharing this post with you - when I thought about putting together Diana Mini week I automatically thought about other bloggers that use a diana mini to share their adventures.... and here they are, hurray!

Why I love my Diana Mini from Liss at Daydream Lily.

"I love my Diana Mini because it's so cute and compact, I can put it in my handbag or wear it around my neck ready to take photos anywhere. I love the square format, the leaked light, the vignetting, the soft focus and the fact you dont have to think to much before you take a photo just have fun."

Why I love my Diana Mini from Katrina at Pugly Pixel.

"My first analog camera was my Holga with a 35mm back. I think my Holga is defective because the camera back unlocks by itself and falls apart while in use, ruining the film! I eventually wised up and used black duct tape to keep it all in one piece.

When my Diana Mini came into my life, it was a blissful transition. The camera is a cinch to load and the camera back really locks up tight as it should with no tape necessary. Most of all, I love the convenient compact size and adore the black/teal camera body. I've taken some of my favorite photos with my Diana Mini."

Why I love my Diana Mini from Elle at Diana Mini Love.

"I love my Diana Mini because she's a friend who's fun to be around. She's easy-going, fun-loving and starts up conversations with random strangers. She fits in well in all sorts of social situations, and puts people at ease (unlike some scary serious DSLRs I've met). She loves the sun and is the perfect holiday companion.

I think you'll find that she can be a bad influence though.... talking you into buying accessories, different films and even more analogue camera friends.

In all seriousness... the Diana Mini camera is the perfect introduction to film photography (or back into the analogue world after going off the rails with digital). It's a relatively inexpensive camera, and 35mm film makes it easy to experiment, to learn and to improve. Because her functionality is so basic, you'll put in the effort to learn what makes a great photo. Getting the composition and lighting right. Mastering the zone focus.

If you're ready for a bigger challenge after the Diana Mini, try the Diana+, the LC-A+, the Holga or even a vintage film SLR."

And here are some of Elle's suggested treats for your Diana Mini: Kodak Portra 400VC 35mm film, Ilford XP2 35mm film, Hot Shots by Kevin Meredith, Diana Mini leather case.

Why I love my Diana Mini from Anabela at Fieldguided.

"I love the Diana Mini because it constantly surprises me. I never know what the pictures will look like once I get them back from the lab, and more often than not I'm pleasantly surprised. The pictures are always charming, and even the mistakes can be remarkable. I also love the fact that it's so tiny that I can carry it in my purse every day, and if I'm going to a party, I just have to pack the flash and I have the perfect party camera. The fact that it does half-frames also appeals to me; I hesitated about trying that feature (maybe because I was used to the regular Diana+ camera), but once I tried it I was happy to see that I could create artful diptychs!

Why we love our Diana Mini from Alex and Mina at Sending Postcards.

"We love the vignettes, the light leaks, and the soft photos that our Diana Mini produces. The anticipation of seeing whether any of the photos on a roll of film turned out is always fun - whether the pictures turn out or not. The kind of retro pictures that come out of that camera is a pleasant change from the digital photos that we take."

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