A few things!

Yikes, it's November, can you believe that already?? I'm still catching up from September!

How was everyones weekend? Ours was amazing!! Honestly, the party could not have gone any better and everyone was dressed up so well! I'm planning on sharing a few photos soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Just a quick post to share a few other things with you!

1. My uni roommate for two years is now part of a team writing a blog...
and not just any blog but...
Impressed?!?! I am!
And also slightly jealous, I want to write a blog for my job!

If you're from the UK, please check this out - it's brand new and also a great resource for any new Benefit products that will be coming out (including a rather amazing looking liquid eyeliner, I've now got my eye on...) Pop over and say Hi!

2. Remember my Autumn Styling post with Cushions from last week?
It's now on the Voucher Codes Magazine Website - along with some other choices by lovely UK bloggers!
It's definitely worth a look for some Autumn Inspiration!

3. It's nearly christmas! Which means its time for the beautiful
I adored the ornament I sent and received last year, so I'm super excited about it this year!
Check out Micaela's post about how to enter!

4. The calenders for my shop are nearly ready - I ended up doing a holga favourites and also a Krakow one - so I hope you are as excited about them as I am.

5. I have so much else to share with you now! I might end up doing two posts a day for a while - I'm quite excited about it, I think I might even do two today :)