Autumn Home Styling Challenge

A few weeks ago, the lovely Helen from Voucher Codes emailed me about taking part in the Autumn Home Styling Challenge that was being held on the Voucher Codes lifestyle magazine – Most Wanted. As well as writing on the magazine, Helen also has her own lovely blog – Little Doll Face - which I highly recommend, so I was extremely happy and excited when she asked me to take part.

Voucher Codes is a great website to find vouchers for UK based shops - I still think a little bit like a student (even though its been years now!) so any way to save money is always appreciated and I have been on the Voucher Codes mailing list for some time, however I didn’t realise they had a lifestyle magazine and I did spend quite a bit of time reading it once I found it.

I did originally have ideas of blankets, mugs, candles, etc…but my main Autumn crush at the moment is cushions – I love them! I love the variety and how they can instantly create a signature in your house, reflecting your personality through fun and cosy choices without costing a fortune.

I absolutely love the last one - and it came in different colours
it was hard to choose just the one!