Merry Christmas!!

(My ornament from Micaela's swap sent by Anna! I love it!)
Yeay, it is finally the Christmas holidays! I'm so excited about getting to spend it with my family!!

I've decided to take a mini blog break over the holiday - I probably won't have the time to blog anyway but I definitely been feeling overwhelmed by everything this month and I think a break would do me and my little blog some good (though I may post occasionally - I doubt I'll be able to stop myself!)

So hopefully come the New Year I should be refreshed, overexcited from too many sweets and surprises and ready to take on everything and anything!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas
and a Happy New Year
As an extra treat for Christmas you can enter a giveaway of one of my prints here - good luck!!

Oh and the winner of this weeks final christmas giveaway is: Shokoofeh

Well done, I'll email you my lovely!

Happy Holidays!