My name is Elizabeth and I am easily distracted... day-dreaming. I have always been a dreamer, losing concentration in lessons at school, being shouted at by the teacher for staring out the window, wandering past my house on the way home then realising my mistake and double-tracking. In fact, I am notorious for missing my stop on public transport due to day-dreaming.

I spent the majority of my childhood travelling between Southampton and London to spend time with both of my divorced parents, and I would allow my mind to wander to the future, fantasising about what I would be when I grew up. Much like everyone else I wanted to be famous – I wanted to act and sing and dance. I would dream about every little detail, the outfits I would wear, the hair, the make-up. I would picture myself on stage at Glastonbury with glitter on my face and platform heels on my feet. I dreamed of living in California in one of those big white houses in the hills. And even now, I sometimes let myself slip back into that fantasy world.

But now my dreams have shifted and changed. I have realised that my dreaming is a happy escape from reality where I can make exciting plans for the future and take new journeys. I dream of my ideal home, how I would build it and how I would decorate each room. I dream of winning the lottery and taking my whole family on holiday. I dream of exploring the world with my other half at my side. And I dream of how the world could be a better place.

Dreams are electrifying, allowing your mind to wander, race and meander for hours on end. And sometimes, those dreams might even come true.

I hope you enjoy day-dreaming as much as I do. Do yours take you anywhere wonderful?

Thank you for having me, Rhianne.

Elizabeth at Rosalilium.
(Images credits: 1. Rosalilium 2. Night Fate 3. Margaret Durow 4. Jasper James)