My name is Allyn and I am easily distracted...

hello everyone!

when rhianne called for guest bloggers to help keep her sweet blog company while she was away, i had to volunteer. given rhianne’s big move + all the heart work she put into her photoswap project, she needs to have a much deserved vacay. i find rhianne’s photo love + project so inspired. nice to be happily sitting in her space for a bit to take it all in. now, let’s get comfortable.

my name is allyn of all things ami + i am easily distracted by film + finding joy in the daily.

FILM this is my film camera collection. i have a vintage pentax spotomatic my father gifted me, a fuji instax 210 + a blackbird fly. each of them have their own personality. the pentax is the senior pro. its grit + weight reminds me of its substance. the fuji instax 210 combines my like for fuji film + interest in the instant. finally, there’s the black bird fly. it was a surprise + its toy classification only hides all the complicated elements + attention it requires. there’s something transforming about film + the growing wait in the camera (in ourselves) for photos on print, don’t you think?

there is one camera rhianne + i share in common. It’s the fuji. she has the baby + I have the mommy version. here are my winter vacay shots so we can all pretend we are getting r & r, too.

FINDING JOY IN THE DAILY i believe in being inspired by your insides + the every day. joy lives in that space between the big stuff. it’s the reliable scent of a.m. coffee or the giggles over the story told for the hundredth time. it’s in your favorite cake stand, an email from a new friend + the relief of getting to work on time. it’s ramen on a cold winter day + your kids enjoying a new vegetable. and of course, it’s finding inspiration from lovely spaces of others, like this one. thanks, rhianne, for letting me be a guest!

my final photos are a look at my insides {home vignettes that bring me joy}. have a wonderful day! allyn x