A little catch up!

{Thomas and I overlooking the amazing city of Krakow. Happy sigh. }

Hey lovelies!! I am back!

I've missed you! But, how well has my little blog been looked after over the last week?? Such a massive thank you to all the lovely ladies who helped me out - Ashley, Adeline, Andrea, Celeste, Clare, Franca, Caren, Allyn, Elizabeth and Megan - please check out their amazing blogs - you might even find a giveaway and a new layout in there... I hope you enjoyed their posts as much as I did!

Krakow was wonderful, amazing, beautiful and completely overwhelming in the best way possible. Of course I now have 50 fujis to scan and 6 films to develop so I won't be posting about it straight away but I am so so so excited about sharing everything with you! Eeep!!
It's going to be amazing!

Also, I came back to over 500 followers!! Wooohooooo! I wish I had something for you all, a giveaway or something - but I'm so unorganised... lol. I honestly am so happy you are all here though and still completely amazed that you've all stuck around! I love you guys!!

I hope you all had an amazing week - I feel so excited to be back to blogging and I can't wait to catch up with everything I've missed :)