Etsy love October: City of Blackbirds!!

I first fell in love with Eadaoin and her photos when I saw her blog City of Blackbirds, I loved the colours, the tone and the content was just perfect. As soon as Eadaoin opened her shop I knew I was going to love everything and I really do!!

Cupcakes, macarons, teacups and heart shaped bokehs! What more could a girl want??(In fact I have the macaroon print in our bedroom as I type, it looks wonderful!)

{Click on the photo above to find these lovely prints and even more...}

I'm 100% sure that you will love Eadaoin's shop as much as I do so please check it out and spread the Etsy love :)
p.s. Do you have an etsy shop? If so, why not send me an email with your link AND a paragraph introducing yourself with an explanation of why I (and my readers) will love your shop... I might even decide to feature you if you're lucky!