The weekend in fuji's...

August bank holidays in Norfolk are quickly becoming my favourite weekends!!
(see some posts from last year here, here and here!)
We were completely spoiled over the 4 days by our friends and family
(honestly, we have the most amazing friends and family, I love it!)

This time around I had my fuji instax mini and everytime I use it
I fall a little bit more in love with it... its just so cute!

Unfortunately the batteries were dead on Friday but after a quick rescue (thanks K!) we were back in action for our day on the broads on Saturday and it was perfect! I can't believe that after living so many years in Norfolk that I haven't done it sooner!

We went to Cromer on Sunday for the morning - don't let these pcitures fool you - it was cold, wet and windy for some of it! Worth it though - I always love Cromer!
(I feel I should point out the wind blew my hoody into the foot photo, my belly isn't that huge lol)

Our final day was spent in Norwich with a quick visit to Elm Hill (I love) and some rather amazing mexican food before our train home. Once again the wind wasn't on my side for a feet photo - the bottom part is my scarf blowing into the photo!

I'm picking up two rolls of film tonight, so hopefully I should have even more photos to share with you tomorrow, hurray! I can't wait!