It's September!

I don't know about you but I am excited about that!

1. It's my birthday month!
2. August Break is over... *
3. I've been busy planning exciting things over August and now its time to impliment them!

* I enjoyed August Break - but I'm a talker and boy have I missed 'talking' to you guys!

Sponsor Changes!

Some of you may have realised that the sidebar on the right is now titled 'Etsy love'... unfortuntely sponsoring did not take off for me. However I didn't start sponsors for the money... I started it to help advertise etsy shops - so I have taken it upon myself to add some of my favourite shops onto my sidebar free of charge (don't they look pretty) and every month I'm going to feature a favourite of mine in a post.

I am all about the etsy and blog love - so I hope you all are too!

First up is Alyssa's new shop It's Olive!

Some of you may know Alyssa from her blog 'Just putting it out there' or her amazing project 'Project You' (which incidently is having a rather Spectacular September with an amazing giveaway - you should check it out!)

You may not have known that Alyssa is one creative lady and her shop is a collection of her hard work over the past few months. I love her work (I'm particularly fond of bows) and I really think that you will too!

{click on each photo for the listing on etsy and to discover their fun names!}

I hope you enjoy this monthly feature as much as I do and please check out the shops in the sidebar - they are my favourites!

p.s. Do you have an etsy shop? If so, why not send me an email with your link AND a paragraph introducing yourself with an explanation of why I (and my readers) will love your shop... I might even decide to feature you if you're lucky!