Beach Hut Love!

One of my favourite parts about getting to go home (our other home... like Coraline, but not evil...) is going to the beach and visiting Thomas's family beach hut!

Built by Thomas's Grandpop the beach hut has been through all kinds of weather and luckily Thomas's Granny had a picture to show us from around the time it was first built in 1979! (which I accidently brought back to Leeds - oops! Least I got to scan it though... sorry Granny!)

{this is a newer beach hut similar to the one towering above the little beach hut on the right picture}
Over the last 10 years the sand and the other beach huts have built up around the little beach hut but it still looks great and is perfect for a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich on the beach!
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!
p.s. all the photos except the top were taken with our new yashica samurai - arent they lovely? I'm completely smitten with that camera!