I have been featured!

Me and my photos, in an actual magazine...
How exciting is that?

A little while ago, the lovely Megan from Studio MME (you all must know I love her by now) emailed me and asked me to be featured in her 'Old Shutters' article about new generations using older cameras in Styl Magazine.

Of course I said yes and here I am!

As well as including some amazing artists within the magazine, Megan's article also includes work from Megan Rhodes and Kathleen Frank - two amazing photographers with gorgeous etsy shops, who I feel so honoured to be featured with!

To check out Megan's article in Style Magazine featuring little ole me
click here - and head over to page 46!

Thanks again to the amazing Megan for thinking of me to be including, I'm still amazed that people love my photos as much as I do...

p.s. Don't forget, all the photos featured above are still in my shop!