Giveaway winner!!

Happy Monday!

First a massive thank you to Holgarama for being willing to take a chance with my blog and for contributing to my Holga celebration! I personally think that this giveaway has been one of the most exciting things to happen on my blog and the response was mindblowing!!

341 comments = 419 in total entries

Mindblowing right? I wish I could say that you all won something but there can only be one winner and the winner of the cute yellow orange holga 135bc is....

ButterCup Caren from Buttercupped!
Please could you email me your details!

If you didn't win, don't feel too disheartened - the good news is that Caren is also holding a giveaway of a polaroid camera - so check that out!

Thank you again to everyone who entered - I'm hoping that such a huge turn out will encourage others to take a chance on a giveaway with my blog as I love holding them and the more there is to celebrate the better!!

Also a massive thank you to everyone who commented on Friday's post, hehe, it was so exciting that I completely forgot to post my Friday links - I'll just have to double them up this week...