A few things...

It seems like I'm always catching up with everything at the moment but here are a few things I've been meaning to share for a while.

It looks rather lovely if I do say so myself - its now broken down alphabetically so its a bit easier to look at and it gave me an excuse to play with Katrina's tape some more...

~ I joined Kristin and Megan's network at BonBon Rose Girls and became a Rosebud ~
I love these girls - their dedication to blogging and the community is amazing so how could I not?

I love Katrina's photography and her new Pictures and Prints shop is lovely!
(in fact I borrowed a photo from there for this post, isn't it pretty?)

~ I've joined Susannah's August Break ~
What with moving, family visiting, sorting out the photoswap, fun trips with friends and catching up with all your blog comments (I'm so behind sorry!) during August, I decided to take a tiny (teeny tiny) step back blogging wise and I'm going to enjoy blogging with a photo or two a day for a month - it should be fun to share the chaos with you... There's no way I could stop blogging, I don't want to, but sometimes life gets hectic and this seems like a happy and fun compromise... (and I'll prob end up writing things anyway...)

Check out all the participants so far here!

~ A massive hello and welcome to my newest followers! ~
Over 440 seems like such a massive number right? I'm slightly overwhelmed... but excited you're here! If you are new here and haven't left a comment before, please say hi - I love seeing comments and checking out everyone's blogs :)

Happy Thursday!