Some amazing projects and links!

Thomas has dubbed today as Thursday/Friday... you have to say it really fast.
It really makes me laugh when he says it.
Anyway, we are going away to Berwick-Upon-Tweed* tomorrow, just the two of us (finally!) so today is indeed Thursday/Friday. I can't wait. I have cameras at the ready!

As I have a couple of guest posts lined up by one of my besties GeeGee (who you may have seen around leaving comments or taking part in the photoswap) I wanted to share some amazing things I've seen in the blog world lately today as I won't be here tomorrow.

Here's the idea in Lindsay's words: for each installation of the project, I'll give the contributors a single word or phrase. Each contributor will submit a single picture that best represents that word or phrase for them, and then we'll see what we come up with. My idea is just to see how differently different people see and interpret the same thing. I think that this will be a really fun project, and I hope that it will grow and evolve with time. I'm thinking of one per month for starters, just to see how it goes.

How exciting does this sound and apparently it was inspired in part by me and the photo swap, how cool is that? If you love my photo swap then you will love this, I do!

Next up is the Alphabet Walk Blog Hop, from Piper at One Sydney Road.

I saw this on Katrina's blog as she also has the bunting clip art featured on the image above available on Piper's blog - I am all over that one!

What the Alphabet Walk Blog Hop is in Piper's words: you’ll choose a letter of the alphabet, grab your walking shoes and camera, and find a spot where you want to take pictures of things that represent the letter you chose. (ex: “a” could be an apple or abstract or even the letter “a”).
then on your designated day, you’ll post the picture (or pictures if you want!) of your letter on your blog. then we’ll spend the week “hopping” around to see everyone’s interpretation of the alphabet! (click here to see what i did on my walk)

Another fun idea, I love it!

And here are some amazing links for this week:
  1. Totoro cupcakes - I want one, I love Totoro.
  2. Eadaoin's gorgeous wedding on Dandelion and Grey, hurray!
  3. A lego camera and amazing polaroids from Diana
    (or just check out her whole blog :D)

Look out for GeeGee's posts tomorrow and Monday and I will be back on Tuesday hopefully with more photos to share!

p.s. don't forget about Megan's amazing giveaway, I just realised I won't be here Monday (duh Rhianne) so the closing date is extended until Tuesday!