Alert: First time blogger (and she's a fan of digital photography)

Hi everyone, GeeGee here. This is my first guest blog post but I’ve been reading Rhianne’s blog for months now so I hope you forgive me for infiltrating her space.

As obsessed as Rhianne is with film photography, I’m similar with digital. We’ve (very) recently realised that opposites really must attract, as Rhianne has always admired precise design and one of the things she loves about her work is how accurate it must be, and yet she loves a medium that is so unpredictable.

On the other hand, I’m quite arty and messy yet I love the clarity and detail available with digital cameras, and since I bought my Panasonic Lumix camera a couple of years ago, it has been permanently attached to me.

The first photo is probably my favourite photograph I have ever taken, because it shows a little snippet of nature we can so rarely see in person: as the bee drinks from the flower. My own little Planet Earth moment!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!