Castles and Bicycles…

This weekend was lovely, spent in part at the engagement party of a university friend (they had a Moroccan tent!), and in a park playing badminton and interrupting it with a picnic. Or the other way around – more picnic, less action.

One of the places we (and by we, I refer to by lovely boyfriend, often known as Bee, also a photoswapper) love to cycle to is Broughton Castle. It’s only 5 miles from our home, and while the first half of the ride is in town (and it’s where the horrid hills are), the latter half is stunning and nature is suddenly all around.

{Hello Mr Bee!}

I love our bikes! They really are my favourite mode of transport.
(and I’m being naughty – the photo of the sheep and bikes was taken with a film camera)

Thank you very much for letting me post, I hope you enjoyed reading from one of Rhianne’s friends as much as I enjoyed putting it together. And back to Miss Rhianne...